Our Solutions


Q Cells


The Q.Cells solar panels, designed with patented Q.UANTUM technology and backed by 25-year performance and product warranties. They combine sleek design with high efficiency for a low level cost of electricity. Top performance for maximum value.

The Solaria PowerXT Panels deliver high levels of efficiency with increased energy production per square foot.  With patented shade resistant design, your panels will always be maximizing production. The sleek all black design add elegance to any rooftop. Back by a 25-year performance & product warranties.



The LG Solar’s NeON R and NeON 2 panel series are known for their high end performance. This global electronics leader back their solar panels with a 25-year performance and product warranites.

Panasonic’s patented HIT solar panels technology enables an ideal temperature coefficient resulting in increased overall solar absorption and efficiency. Backed by 25-year performance and product warranties.

Energy Storage



The Tesla Powerwall has a clean design made for any homeowner with the ability to meet daily use demands. That is easily retrofitted to existing PV systems. The Powerwall has a 90% round trip efficiency rate. When the energy is transferred to storage and then back to usable energy they minimize energy lost. Backed by a 10 year, unlimited cycle warranty with guaranteed 70% capacity.

The Enphase Encharge is described as an all in one AC coupled storage solution. This energy storage system is designed to meet the day to day demands of homeowners. Developed by a company with a dedicated history is solar solutions with highly rated inverters. Backed by a 10 year warranty and guaranteed 70% capacity.


The Panasonic EverVolt designed with both AC and DC options making energy storage easy for both first time solar installs or current retrofits. Designed to meet the daily needs of any homeowner with rate arbitrage software that adds to your ability to operate off-grid. Backed by a 10 year warranty with guaranteed 60% capacity and throughput of 7.65 MWh per module

EV Charging

Enel X

The Enel X Juice Box was designed to charge your vehicles efficiently without complexity. Easy to use and install the Juice Box has a wide range of offerings and applications to meet various customer needs. Making it perfect for either residential or commercial use.


The PowerCharge Pro, Lighting and, Energy series offer a variety of EV charging solutions for both residential and commercial locations. With Wifi connectivity, you can manage your EV charging from anywhere. Designed to be sleek and durable to meet your energy demands