Net Metering Plans

Solar Buyback Programs in Texas

The overlooked benefit to adding solar.  Net metering is described as a solar buyback program.

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Renewable Energy = Savings

When your solar panel array overproduces the excess energy is pushed to the grid where it is redistributed and sold to anyone who is drawing energy, anyone not using solar. As the energy produced by your solar, residential, or commercial, flows from your system to the grid you earn a credit. That credit is used under rare circumstances when a portion of your electricity demands need to be supplemented by the grid. If your credit isn’t used at the end of the month, the credit can roll over and build until it is used.

Like normally electric plans there are a variety of net metering plans available to choose from. The plan you choose is based on the solar goals you set and your system design.

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Solar Solutions

Solar panels enable you to harness the power of the sun by converting sunshine into usable energy.

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Energy Storage

Energy storage takes your energy independence a step further.

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EV Charging

Electric vehicles are here and a growing part of our future.

Financing Options

If you aren’t choosing to pay cash we have a variety of options to choose from.


Our warranties are the solar industry’s strongest at 30 years for parts & labor and 25 years for roof penetration coverage.