Who is kiloWatt Solar?

About Us:

kiloWatt Solar is a Texas-based solar installation company founded by Stewart Masterson and Chris Hayden. Their goal, contribute to building a reliable, sustainable, and clean energy future by helping homeowners and businesses make the shift to solar power. Helping the Texas community become energy independent one roof at a time. Energy independence means harnessing the power of the sun to become a self-reliant energy producer able to power your home or business. Our team believes solar is energy renewed, reimagined, and redefined. The roots of the company run deep within the energy industry with the team’s combined experience of a century. We view solar as a home improvement that is a grown-up investment.

Our Mission:

Help Texas homeowners and businesses become energy independent with solar. Contributing to a reliable, sustainable and clean energy future.  We aim to educate the Lone Star community of the benefits solar energy provides and why investing in solar energy should be apart of their financial future

How We Got Here

We have been in the “green-space” for over 20 years. Beginning as an Austin-based electric vehicle (forklifts and golf carts) developer/ manufacturer of motor controllers & operating systems.  We then entered the residential and commercial electricity brokerage field and over 14 years have established our presence across the Lone Star state and beyond. As “the numbers” for installing solar have improved over the last 5 years, making the switch to energy independence more sense for a growing number of Texas home and business owners. Offering our clients access to the future of energy, from clean energy generation to storage of that energy and using it to power their coming transportation needs, was a logical progression of our roots.