Solar FAQs

Q: What is Net Metering?

A: Basically a solar buyback program. By adding solar panels, you become an energy producer instead of a consumer. When you are producing more energy than you need that excess energy is sold back to the grid building up your energy credit. Credit that you, depending on your plan, either cash in at the end of the month and/or use on when your production doesn’t match demand.

Q: Will solar change the value of my home?

A: Absolutely! Solar adds value to your home, but don’t take our word for it. The US Department of Energy sponsored an extensive study indicating that homes with solar increased in value by more than $15,000. While uniform real estate market adoptions are relativity slow, there is an increasing number of homes and communities that are switching to solar power. In a similar study by Zillow, they found solar homes sold for on average 4% more than homes without.


Having no energy bills reduces the cost of owning a home, which translates into a higher value for the home.  Homes with solar also sell quicker than similar homes without solar.

Q: What does it mean to unplug from “the grid”?


A: Energy Independence! When we say unplug from “the grid”, we mean you are no longer relying on the electricity coming from the network of power lines that connect to other homes and the power plants.  With solar you are producing your own electricity, instead of pulling from the grid, you will actually add power to the grid when you are overproducing.

Q: What happens on a cloudy day?

A: Your lights will stay on! Think about it this way, when you go to the beach on a partly cloudy day will you still get sunburnt? Yes. While you aren’t producing at the same level on a sunny day your solar system will still be capturing energy from the sun. If you are worried about going multiple days without the sun, you have options.  Even with solar you still have access to “the grid” and can buy power when needed. The other option is energy storage, which allows for living completely off the grid and it’s as simple as it sounds.  While your solar is powering your house it also charges your batteries. So when your panels aren’t absorbing, at night for instance, or when the power goes out, your energy storage is ready to work.

Q: Will my panels get damaged quickly?

A: The short answer is no, the long answer is also no. Unlike your computer solar panels are water, snow, dust, wind and even coffee proof! They wont rust over time either and can take a hit. Despite being very high-tech, solar panels have no moving parts making them pretty basic. They have even been known to survive a Texas hurricane. If anything does happen to your panels there are warranties and insurance!

Q: When will I see my savings?


A: Pretty instantly. Solar energy is a highly valued investment that is not subject to the markets fluctuating costs. This is because your new energy source doesn’t require fuel, its creating its own. Once we agree upon a quoted cost and/or related financing that payment is locked in with a set payment schedule. That price is not affected by varying monthly usage or fluctuating electricity rates. Not to mention the tax benefits you will receive for switching to solar power.

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