Meet the Team

team stewart masterson

Stewart Masterson

Stewart Masterson is a born and raised Houstonian. After receiving his BBA from the University of Texas at Austin he moved back to Houston and attended Rice University earning his MBPM.  Following his education he was involved in a variety of companies, most notably Dax Industries working on R&D for EV motor control systems. Before later founding his own energy brokerage and consulting company kiloWatt Partners in 2007. For the last 14 years, Stewart has worked as your energy partner. He is an active multi-chapter CAI member and TCAA Treasurer. Stewart designed kiloWatt Partners to find and provide customers with an honest energy plan that fits their needs while saving them money. Stewart wanted the company culture to be different from the competition, he wanted kiloWatt to match his own family values by treating each client with compassion. Stewart has always been interested in the renewables industry and has been watching the advancement in solar technology and everyday implementation. Recently founding a second company kiloWatt Solar. Stewart’s life-long goal is to make a positive impact on the communities around him and leave a legacy his children will be proud to follow

When asked what Sustainability means Stewart had this to say ” There are two parts: 1) Having a household or business that can supply its own energy needs means not being dependent on other peoples’ and organizations’ bad decisions. 2) Helping to reduce pollution and improving our lifestyle in the long-term.”

Chris Hayden

A born and raised Texan, Chris earned his degrees from the University of Houston in Entrepreneurship and Finance. After entering the Oil & Gas field as the US operations manager of an international mining company, he shifted his focus in 2017 from fossil fuels to renewables and electric vehicles. Following his wife’s advice to chase his passions, Chris began his career in renewables at SolarCity, later acquired by Tesla, as a field energy advisor. After working at SolarCity/Tesla for 18 months, he joined Houston-based KW Solar. As his knowledge base and passion for the field grew, Chris developed a long-term goal of educating Texans on why solar is the next best energy solution for both home and business owners. With a love for the industry and an entrepreneur at heart Chris, left KW to form kiloWatt Solar with his business partner.

When asked what the goal of kiloWatt Solar was, he said,

“To help others realize and achieve energy independence and more sustainable life.”

team chris hayden
team laura masterson

Laura Masterson

Born and raised in Texas, Laura grew up in the Houston area before leaving Texas to attend the College of Charleston in South Carolina.  While working towards her degree Laura was a member of the varsity sailing team, which won multiple national titles during her time on the team. In addition, she was working for Bennett Preservation Engineering in the field of historic preservation and restoration as their business intern. Where got to explore her passion for history as a part of a team working to save it.  As a way to stay close to her Texas roots she started work as a Kendra Scott campus brand ambassador promoting the homegrown jewelry company from Austin, Texas. Having developed an interest in sustainability and how business can be built on the basis of creating a clean future, her interest in renewables grew.  After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the College of Charleston, Laura moved back to Texas and started her career as a co-founder of kiloWatt solar.  

“My goal, build a clean and sustainable future that improves the environment and adds financial security to the families and businesses in the communities.”