top view worker installing a solar cell on the factory roof.
Your Energy, Reimagined
Cloudy blue sky over a home with solar panels on the pitched roof. The house also features stone exterior wall and arched garage door.
Your Energy, Redefined
Solar panels on the roof of a traditional Colonial style house beneath a blue summer sky
Your Energy,

Declare Your Energy Independence

Residential Solar

Energy Redefined. Harness the power of the sun and start producing your energy today. Solar power is reliable, renewable, and sustainable. Not to mention that installing a solar system adds to your home’s value and locks in your electricity plan for years to come.

Commercial Solar

Energy Renewed. Solar is a reliable, renewable, and sustainable energy source that allows you to become a self-sufficient energy producer. Lock in your savings with a set energy rate.

Energy Storage & Backup

Energy Independence. Unplug from the grid and back up your home or business with energy storage. When the sun goes down keep the lights on and everything running smoothly. Be prepared for the next huge storm, keep your home or business powered even when power lines are down.

EV Charging

Energy Reimagined. Have you made the switch to electric vehicles or are you considering it? Don’t charging uncertainty hold you back. Charge your car efficiently from the safety and convince of your own home.

Net Metering

Simply described as a solar energy buyback plan. By adding a solar system to your home or business you become an energy producer. Net metering occurs when your solar panels are overproducing that excess energy is sold back to the grid earning you solar credits.

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What's Being Said

"Before I did my solar, I have taken quotes from different companies, I even went online to receive a different quote but never satisfied until I came across this company who listened to all my explanations and concerns. The installation was perfect and no issue since installed those solar over a year ago. Their after service is what I enjoyed most. Chris will surely reply to your text within time. I will recommend kilowatt solar any day and anytime"


"We had a wonderful experience purchasing solar system from Chris Hayden. Chris Hayden is a solar energy enthusiast instead of a salesperson. His interest was to share his passion with us instead of making profits. He shared much of his expertise with us and answered many technical questions from us as careful homeowners with engineering background. Throughout our journey, Chris was always patient, respectful, diligent, and ethical. We give Chris Hayden A+ for being an exemplary solar enthusiast for helping us to achieve our dream of going solar. Going solar is an investment requiring careful consideration and due diligence. We are very impressed with Chris that we comfortably recommend him to our friends and neighbors"


We met Chris Hayden back in 2018. We installed 26 panels in my home. Very knowledgeable and professional. He explained all the process and was always available for us. One of my best decision ever. We will call him again soon to install the Powerwall. Highly recommended.